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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mazzy Stars Hope Sandoval...

"In 1993, Mazzy Stars Hope Sandoval released the dream-pop gem Fade Into You, a dusty, lilting ballad that served as the soundtrack to make-out sessions. The notoriously reclusive Californian hasnt cracked the mainstream since, opting to release a few records here and there with various projects.

But theres good news: Sandoval is back. With her band Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions (which features My Bloody Valentine drummer Colm Ó Cíosóig), Sandoval is gearing up to release her second record since the acts 2001 debut Bavarian Fruit Bread. The new disc Through the Devil Softly — out September 15th — is a lovely, 11-track collection of narcotic, folk tunes centered by Sandovals breathy, irresistible seductive croon. So what took so long? "I dont really notice the time", says Sandoval coyly. "We dont keep track of the days and months. And the years."

"Highlights from the record include the haunting, blues-esque opener 'Blanchard' and the spare piano-and-acoustic-guitar ballad 'Bluebird', where Sandovals heavily echoed vocals come up so close, its as if shes whispering in your ear. Is that the devil in your sky? she asks. Is that whats glowing in your eyes?"

Hear Blanchard here!

Shame Shame On You!

Chelsea's Corner

Gladd Wrap


Quote of the day: Patrick Wolf on his onstage tyraid

"I am very sorry that I became too much wolf on stage in C/O Pop.

I was singing Shakira's new song "she wolf" and i felt my animal instinct to protect my audience. My music is very tribal at the moment, I feel I am protective of all of them."

I’m in Maison, uh, Martin Margiela

I’m addicted to this thrill.

The new Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye tune is on definite repeat at the moment. With the official video just released, i'm a bigger fan for so many more reasons at hand.

Style-wise it's genius. With blacked out shades, hoodies, bandanas,and hats. But what is truly captivating is the hat Rihanna wears with a netting covering her eyes. It’s Parisian style meshed with this really rough backdrop makes it all the more thrilling.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Not speaking of Amelie(although a brilliant film in itself).

"There's more to life than being a passenger!"

AMELIA stars two-time Academy Award-winner Hilary Swank(Boys don't cry & Million dollar baby) as Amelia Earhart, the legendary aviatrix.
Directed By: Mira Nair.

" I'm a flyer, pursuing my passion for the fun of it!"

Chelsea's Corner

Blow Away

Here, I present to you my velveteen rabbits thee official video for the song "Blow Away" By The American Alternative singer-song-writer A Fine Frenzy.
Taken From The Album 'Bomb in a Birdcage'.
Release date: August 28, 2009.

Wild Young Heart

"From the Department of Awesome comes this little news gem of Yeah Yeah Yeahs leading lady Karen O. Scoring the soundtrack to the Spike Jonze-helmed, ' Where the Wild Things Are'(trailer featured in earlier post) Billing herself and her ragtag team of collaboras as Karen O. and the Kids, the motley crew's first single off the film's soundtrack, "All Is Love," is out August 25, with the soundtrack coming out the following month, and the film itself the month after that.
Some of said Kids include members of Queens of Stone Age, the bird & the bee, and the Raconteurs, along with an untrained children’s choir.

Karen O. explains about working with Jonze, “I guess there is a childlike innocence about my music or my persona that he always just kind of dialed into. To play on it and it was a really amazing experience and I think what he has accomplished with the film is basically the impossible. There’s a lot of stuff that they told me Spike couldn’t do that he did it anyway and it was a really inspiring and exciting thing to be a part of.”

Here it is one more time, just for you my little monsters.
Gosh I cant wait for this film any longer!
Me and a bunch of kiddas are gonna invade the priemere.
Factory style!

Femme Fatale

Claire Danes is on the cover of the September Fall Fashion issue of BlackBook.

"Shot in the penthouse of Manhattan’s Cooper Square Hotel, and inspired by the ‘Greed Decade’, the shoot shows the actress in an entirely new light and is one of the last major photo shoots before her marriage to Hugh Dancy next month." The actress was quoted saying, “He’s such a cutie patootie,” she says about her fiancé. “Sometimes I forget just how good-looking he is.

Mmhmm, I agree Claire, I agree.


Here is a new tune from the band 'Color of Clouds' off their newly released EP 'The Look'. Please enjoy this dream like melody,as I have been for the last 24 hours.

Lightning Dust

A tune that I currently have shuffling on itouch.

The song 'I Knew' by the band Lightning Dust.
Album: "Infinite Light" released in 2009
Band members Amber Webber and Joshua Wells are also in the band Black Mountain."


Thursday, August 20, 2009


"In this heartfelt romantic comedy, Hugh Dancy(feautered in earlier posts) stars as Adam, a handsome but intriguing young man who has all his life led a sheltered existence, until he meets his new neighbor, Beth (Wicker Park)."

I was in the theatre and saw the trailer to this film before watching what is now my favorite film of this year thus far, '500 DAYS OF SUMMER'

Eye Candy For The Style Hungry

These gold monkstraps from the Raf Simons X Doc Martens collaboration. What do you think kidda's...

Tre-Chic or Tre-Fool ?!?!


Song: Baptized By Fire
2009 Queen of Hearts.

Here is thee Network TV premiere for Brody Dalle's(Formerly of The Distiller's) 'Spinnerette' on David Letterman.

Song: Ghetto Love

Chelsea's Corner

I know a thing or two as well!

Stone Cold Sober

Paloma Faith is her name.
Sophie Muller is the director.
Her album is due in September.

I dig the video. I dig the lyrics. And most importantly I love this tune!


"90 percent of U.S. bills carry traces of cocaine"

"In the course of its average 20 months in circulation, U.S. currency gets whisked into ATMs, clutched, touched and traded perhaps thousands of times at coffee shops, convenience stores and newsstands. And every touch to every bill brings specks of dirt, food, germs or even drug residue.

Research presented this weekend reinforced previous findings that 90 percent of paper money circulating in U.S. cities contains traces of cocaine.

Scientists say the amount of cocaine found on bills is not enough to cause health risks.

Money can be contaminated with cocaine during drug deals or if a user snorts with a bill. But not all bills are involved in drug use; they can get contaminated inside currency-counting machines at the bank.

Zuo, who spoke about his research at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society on Sunday, found that $5, $10, $20 and $50 bills were more likely to be positive for cocaine than $1 bills.

Adam Negrusz, an associate professor of forensic sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said he isn't worried about the cleanliness of money in terms of public health.

"I never think about this as a source of danger. We have more things which can be potentially harmful," said Negrusz, who was not involved in Zuo's study.

Although the contaminated bills do not affect health, Negrusz said, they could cause in a false positive drug test if a person, such as a law enforcement officer or banker, handles contaminated currency repeatedly.

"Imagine a bank teller who's working with cash-counting machine in the basement of the bank," Negrusz said. "Many of those bills, over 90 percent, are contaminated with cocaine. There is cocaine dust around the machines. These bank tellers breathe in cocaine. Cocaine gets into system, and you can test positive for cocaine. … That's what's behind this whole thing that triggered testing money for drugs."

Zuo hopes to compile the data from his research to form a drug use map, saying it could provide insights about regional cocaine use.

Compared with currency from Brazil, Canada, China and Japan, U.S. bills had the highest percentage of cocaine, with 90 percent of 234 bank notes contaminated. Canada followed with 85 percent and Brazil with 80 percent. China and Japan had the lowest, with 20 and 12 percent respectively.

"Actually, we were surprised to find cocaine in Chinese bank note," Zuo said after analyzing 112 samples from China.

After the Communist Party took over, the country was relatively free of drugs from 1949 until the 1980s because of harsh punishments against substance use, he said. Two years ago, Zuo collaborated with Beijing scientists on testing bank notes and didn't find any contamination with cocaine.
There you have it ladies and gentlemen! Keep your rolled-up dollars to yourself.
And on a side note: Beware all you Chinese Bank tellers! Do not test for any drug use in the near future.


"Singer" Cassie, aka P.Diddy's loooooong time protege, has returned with a brand-new single off her often delayed sophmore album 'Electro Love'. Cassie is technically a one-hit wonder,not having found any success after her brief 2006 hit 'Me and You'.

'Stamina' has an r&b/pop dance offering that surely does not disappoint. It has my shoulders percolating while I drive haha. Produced by Darkchild, Cassie delivers strong sexual lyrics reminiscent of those of Janet Jackson and Aaliyah's early days. Although Cassie lacks strong vocal abiltiy(if any)...she has to become an astounding and breakthrough dance performance artist, if she'd like to maintain future success in this drowning pop music industry.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fashion Rocks

A photographer.
A model
And a studio backdrop.

All the right ingredients to create a superbly captivating musique video such as this one. Here is the single by Playground called Maravillosa. Playground's producer-Éric Chedeville is the same one as of Daft Punk. This tune is invading my playlist as we speak!


Chanel: New Parfume Campaign

Keira Knightley.
Topless Chanel ad.

On a Side Note: "The Edge of Love" starring Keira Kinghtley, Sienna Miller, and Cillian Murphy was just released on Dvd a couple weeks ago. I viewed it. Loved it. And you should too!

"The only thing more dangerous than war... is love."

I Could Love This

So for sometime now, I've been looking into my crystal ball of musique, and I have seen that the next wave of pop mainstream musique will be an alternative rock and r&b dance groove resurgence.

Urban musique has seen a disappearance of quality soul-driven dance tunes in the last couple years. But no longer is that the case...circulating around the Dj booth and online leaks, here I bring you a brand-new tune from Jazmine Sullivan(responsible for last year's stellar debut album 'fearless') Jack Splash and last but certainly someone who never goes unnoticed, MISSY ELLIOT!

Here's "I could have loved you better"

Chelsea's Corner

No More M.C

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried, one of todays generations most talented and gracious young leading actors (along with Diane Kruger , Kat Dennings, Dakota Fanning...) shared some honest thoughts on hollywood and its accompanying disciples... here is what the 23-year-old actress had to say:

On her Hollywood competition... “I am surrounded by an industry full of beautiful actresses! They’re everywhere! I do my fair share of judging when I see certain women on the covers of magazines. I think, why is she on the cover?”

On filming Mean Girls... “I liked Lindsay fine, but we were never friends.”

On La-La Land... “Hollywood is just like high school: The popular people love the other popular people. And the thing is, some people aren’t nice. Or they are nice, but only to your face, not elsewhere.”

File Under: What the Mahjiggers ?!?

So your cats want a massage (because they told you last night before going to bed?) ???


A bikini-clad Britney Spears shares her thoughts on what it would be like if she ran the government while presenting the “Top Ten Ways the Country Would Be Different if Britney Spears Were President” last night on David Letterman.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Esquire seems to have come up with their 'Singular Suit Project'. Designers and artists create one-off suits. " The best option is to hype up that bland suit into its radical potential!" Enjoy these collaborations.

Aquascutum designer Graeme Fidler avec Anthony Gormley.

Kim Jones X Terence Koh.

Nate Lowman and Italo Zucchelli of Calvin Klein.

Dolce & Gabbana.

Richard James and Spencer Tunick.

Paul Helbers of Louis Vuitton and Christian Schouler.

Collaboration of Donatella Versace and James Clar.

Fashion Rocks

New single 'Please Venus' by: Golden Silvers
Released by: XL Recordings
Directed by: Gabriel Bissett-Smith and Graham Turner with Illustrations by Colin Henderson.


Directed by: Alex & Liane
The new video for Tiga's "Shoes"
"It imagines a horrifying dystopia in which people other than myself are interviewed," says the Man of Music Future

Charlize Theron

Academy-award winning actress Charlize Theron revealed in an interview with Vogue magazine about playing character roles, “But I know how I feel about facing my own weaknesses, and playing into my weaknesses and finding that within my characters. My weaknesses are way more interesting to me than my strengths.”

Hmmm, I dig that notion.

Chelsea's Corner

It's that time again!

Satin Bows All Around Please!

Courtesy of Lanvin:
Emerald velvet oxfords laced-up with wide black satin ribbons.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Roll Up The Red Carpet

Promo video for: Doll & The Kicks.
Directed by: Lucie Goodayle.

Peer-Pressure. A Writer's Dream Or Nightmare?

Oh my beautiful people...this is never-ever okay!

Apparently a story on Allure’s blog," A woman’s Facebook friend posted an incredibly derogatory remark about the size of her nose on her wall. Said woman was apparently already self-conscious about it and this remark was the last straw in her decision to get plastic surgery. She now says she thinks this person did her a favor. Wow."

Now this makes me mad.I feel there are perhaps so many similar stories happening amongst friends/colleagues/family, perhaps not to the degree of surgery. Ive met individuals(post relationship/friends) that through the internet allow themselves to state opinions where normally they would not have the guts to say such remarks in person...

So for all you writers that own your own sites.. "Do you ever take online insults and comments to heart when it comes to your looks or your style?"

Not I.
Be who you are, on purpose.
For there is more value and truth in that,
than any surgeons/imitators/wrong relationships & friends, could ever duplicate.

These boots were made for walking

Free People have their very own version of this astounding knock-off from Chloe's. Of course, a thousand dollars cheaper than Chloé’s, this new boot may be a cheap version of the original but its purpose would serve just right on my little feet.

File under: "That I desire, that I get"
Dreaming is Free.

Keeps Getting Better and Better!

Christina Aguilera is staying hush hush on specifics of her upcoming album, but told a radio station last week, “I can’t let too much out the bag too soon. I just can’t, ‘cause I really want you guys to be surprised and to experience firsthand what I’m talking about or what I’m not talking too much about. Too soon in the game, but wrapping everything up now.”

She also went on to say, “I think I’m most proud of this work than I’ve ever been, just because I worked with so many amazing and incredibly talented people. [Sia and I] did a lot of work on this record together, and she’s just a complete gem. She’s truly just such a talented force to be reckoned with. And I so enjoyed her company, and I think we really created some super crazy magic together. I got a chance to sort of write with Santigold, M.I.A., Lady Tron — artists that I really love.”

Im definitely waiting in anticipation.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chelsea's Corner

It's time for my favorite Comedian and yours(hopefully)

More ... AdamandEvil

Here you go Kidda's as promised the song Weeds from AdamandEvil's EP as well as the Daisy O'Dell remix for your listening fetish.

AdamandEvil- Weeds

Right click here and Save As for Download

AdamandEvil- Weeds (Daisy O'Dell remix)

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For more on AdamandEvil visit ...

Feed back appreciated!

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