Monday, August 24, 2009

We Are Golden!

British pop star Mika, dropped by 'BlackBook’s' conference room, apparently clutching a pair of scissors in his right hand. With bloodstains on Mika’s white jeans, he splattered the words Sex, Joy, Hate and Pain in black, with strokes on the wall, surrounded by molecules painted in bright primary colors. After reading the article myself, I found some very honest points Mika shared with the journalists over at Blackbook. I'll share a couple excerpts that I found intriguing ...

"Mika mined inspiration from adolescent angst for his sophomore full-length, 'We Are Golden'. “This one tackles emotions that everyone has to deal with—sex, pain, love and joy—and their relationship to each other,” he says, pointing to the words etched across the wall. “When you’re a teenager, you fall victim to all of those things and, truthfully, you stay that way throughout your entire life.”

“But does performance inherently mean I’m putting up a façade?” he asks. “Not necessarily. It’s not about trying to protect myself; it’s about creating another world for the sake of staying sane.” The ease with which Mika’s fantasy world blends into reality is something he shares with his good friend Lady Gaga. “You cannot separate her life from her art,” he says. “When I speak to her, though, she’s completely normal—she’s just wearing a fantastic hat.”

Photography by: Victoria Will.

"I was a boy at an open door
Why you staring
Do you still think that you know?
Looking for treasure
In the things that you threw
Like a magpie
I live for glitter, not you

Who gives a damn about the family you come from?
No giving up when you’re young and you want some"

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