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What is ItsNotYouItsMe?

 In 2009 ItsNotYouItsMe blog was created by Stylist/Writer and Model Anthony De La Cruz in appreciation of his love of Art, Musique, Fashion/Styles, and Contemporary Culture. During that era, other contemporaries used their platforms as a means for gossip and slander. ItsNotYouItsMe.org shared the positive and the art of 'creatives' present and past, with a purpose to the world.

In 2019 for our 10-year anniversary, just before the pandemic took hold, ItsNotYouItsMe Blog returned with a new look and name. It's Not You It's Me Media was birthed as we wished to fully incorporate our work in Fashion, Music, Entertainment, and live event coverage for our 20,000+ monthly readers.

INYIM Media looks forward to continuing our curating of the best of the Alternative Pop Art world, as well as our coverage of events we feel our readers would enjoy. We also welcome new readers who have joined us on our popular TikTok page which has been a great asset to our growth. 

Love Wildly, 

Anthony De La Cruz and contributors of www.itsnotyouitsme.org. 

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