Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meet Blue Logan

"A couple of years ago a friend dragged the soft-spoken Brit to a show at London Fashion Week, and he started to draw the models as they walked down the runway. Within a few shows he realized the people in the front row were just as, if not more, interesting."

Now his drawings pop up in Vogues, both UK and American, on Style.com and a bunch of other fashion-loving sites. He’s been in New York this summer preparing his sandwich shop, Cheeky’s, working on a Kiehl’s campaign, sketching the cool kids in the Hamptons or at the Jane and starting a project he might call, “I’m on the List” about the nature of waiting in lines in New York.

He was in Paris before this and counts India as his favorite place, but he’s in love with New York right now. Welcome!"

Q & A:

So, wow, you have a lot going on.

Totally. I’ve sort of arranged it all along the walls to help keep track of it. I’m not used to working without any furniture, but it works well. This, over here, is a series of portraits I did at a party.

Did someone ask you to or were you just there?

Well basically rich people in Manhattan just say to me, “We’d love you to come to the party and draw.” So I do their portraits and they turn into these. And it’s a whole process I go through when I decide to take a sketch of someone. I scan it in, print it out and then paint it. It’s like a two step process.

Is that watercolor?

Yeah, it sort of brings it to life.

And then you give them the original?

No, it gets scanned, because most times these people want something digital anyway. So for instance, they want to turn this into a book of John’s 40th party so they’ll all get the Photoshop documents and then they can do whatever they want with it. I don’t really give people the originals, I hold on to them. I don’t think I make enough money to give them the originals, and I’d really like to hold on to them!

Tell me about Kiehl’s.

They’re just ideas I’m working on. They want something to do with the brand, but a kind of new symbol at the same time. She said I can take any product and do whatever I want, but I thought, well, when I think of Kiehl’s I think of a certain ethos and an American…whatever. So I’m doing this kind of strong man thing, and I’ll do women’s too...

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