Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are you a Boy or Are you a Girl ?!

I found this very interesting article featured on one of the Fashion sites I usually check up on...hitting very VERY close to home and having true empathy for those are enviously gawked at. I can almost feel 100% what 'The Barbarians', one of the best-remembered garage bands of the '60s, not that it's easy to forget the sight of a one-handed drummer, complete with hook, driving his band through a garage-punk number in the company of the day's biggest British Invasion, soul, and pop stars. With uncertain melodramatic terms.... the band managed a surprising hit single, the British Invasion-inspired novelty "Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl."

Here is the featured article I spoke of...

"Ever since the dawn of feminism women have been adopting menswear pieces into their wardrobes and looking cute doing so.

From the inevitable menswear spreads in the September sssues of magazines to the Jean Paul Gaultier ads featuring Raquel Zimmerman in woman and man form, women in men’s clothing has become the social norm and not the least bit shocking. Isn’t every woman’s favorite “morning-at-boyfriend’s-apartment” activity going through his wardrobe and snagging a few shirts and sweaters?

But a man in a skirt or hot pants? Likely to get stares and glares. The Telegraph recently published a story about “Girlfriend Dressing” featuring pictures of Jamie Hince in what seems to be girlfriend Kate Moss’ short shorts and fitted blazer. I can’t blame him; who wouldn’t want to play dress-up in Kate Moss’ wardrobe? In all seriousness, though, why can’t men in women’s clothing be taken seriously the way women in men’s clothing can?

Almost every time a man is featured in women’s clothing in a fashion mag, there’s always a kitschy undertone or a bit of camp (not that we don’t love those Cole Mohr Marc by MJ ads). Marc Jacobs has been sporting a skirt for quite a while now and I’m totally into it, and no one looks better in Balenciaga capes than Andre Leon Talley, but why can’t more men feel comfortable in at least some women’s items? I think there’s no problem with a boy in a lady’s cardigan or short shorts (if you’ve got it flaunt it), but the outside world seems to disagree."

How about you?

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