Allow Us To Reintroduce You To Authentic Superstar Songbird MARINA & Her Spectacular Sprightful Tune ‘- Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’!

Allow us to reintroduce you too authentic superstar songbird MARINA and her spectacular sprightful tune ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’! Formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds. 

She enjoyed success starting at the top of the new year in 2010. No stranger to our pages since the recently passed decade. MARINA has delivered some of our most preferred tracks including "I Am Not A Robot" and "Oh No!". 

Just to literally name a couple. Now she's back sharing her single entitled, ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land'. Accompanied with an exquisite 1970s VHS motif. Intertwined with James Bond-esque silhouettes and intergalactic threads. 

This ‘visualizer’ is a spectacularly bright piece of artwork. "Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land" is set to be released on June 11th 2021, via Atlantic Records. 

Without further ado. Get into the "MARINA" groove. With INYIM Media's latest hit parade featured right below!


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