Danny Elfman Unleashes Declaration Of First New Album In 37 Years With New Video Entitled, ‘True’!

Danny Elfman unleashes declaration of first new album in 37 Years with new video entitled, ‘True’!

The visionary genius takes us on his signature fun 'n' dark and nightmary rollercoaster in his brand sparking musique video. This will mark his first complete body of work in nearly 40 years. The upcoming record, Big Mess, is brought to us courtesy via Epitaph, June 11th 2021.

Elfman said the following in a public statement: “I hadn’t really sung anything as myself in 25 years and to my surprise, I found that I could do things now that I couldn’t have done when I was younger. It was like discovering I had a whole new voice.”

Originally Danny was set produce in 2020 a career-spanning live set at Coachella. Meshing both his film composition work and certain Oingo Boingo tracks. The pandemic set the world into lockdown so that was scrapped but something even more beautiful manifested. An 18 tune setlist. A double album intertwining both new and classic material. The fresh sonics is said to be full of dystopian moody industrial alternative textures. 

Danny also shared via the media: “This wasn’t a record I ever planned on making. At times, I had no idea where the music was even coming from. It was all unexpected. But I decided not to resist it either.”

Following his slew of singles we've covered here in our pages since the commencing of 2020 including groovy numbers “Happy,” and “Kick Me”.

Dig out the music video for “True” featured right below!

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