Kelly Clarkson Brings Kellyoke To A Beautifully Stellar 1990s Visit, Covering The Cardigans Timeless 'Lovefool'!

Kelly Clarkson brings Kellyoke to a beautifully stellar 1990s visit. Covering The Cardigans timeless, jolly-rancher kissed tune, "Lovefool"! Kelly returns with a stellar new edition of Kellyoke with one of our preferred tunes of 1996.

That year is truly unforgettable. Today, via The Kelly Clarkson Show. We get this yummy cover to remind us all, sometimes when you're in true Love, one can act a lil foolish from time to time. Kelly follows her previously extraordinary covers that we've consistently covered since the commencement of the program. From Selena Gomez's "Rare," to Madonna's "Borderline". To her most recent Toni Braxton number, "Another Sad Love Song".

This Cardigans cover is just another love song rackin' Kelly's brain. Where she can't seem to care for no one else but him. Because art imitates life. As stated here before. Kelly definitely continues to use her musical vessel to express the trials and tribulations of her current ongoing unfortunate/sad divorce. 

This 90s smash was written by the groups Peter Svensson and mesmerizing lead singer, Nina Persson. If anyone can do justice for these royal Swedes then it's Clarkson herself.

Dig out the glorious portrayal of "Lovefool" right below!


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