INYIM Media Prediction: Michelle Williams Has Been Casted As Peggy Lee In Todd Haynes Biopic & We See Golden Globe/Oscars!

It was unleashed today Michelle Williams has been casted as Peggy Lee in thee upcoming biopic, with visionary director Todd Haynes. Haynes whos helmed some of our preferred films such as 90s underworld classic Velvet Goldmine and 2015's award nominated Carol. He worked with Michelle  on the Bob Dylan movie "I’m Not Here, is set to direct the project."  

Appropriately entitled, Fever. This future love project is based on a Nora Ephron screenplay.However that tentative work of art was shelved after her death in 2012. And here's another twist to an already riveting story, Billie Eilish is in chats to jump on ship "Fever" as an executive producer. 

Peggy Lee emerged in thee 1940s as a lead vocalist in thee, then, big-band singer era. A forveeremover eternal legend, Peggie left this realm in 2002. But her legacy lives on and on!

We have been a rallying cheerleader of Williams since her beginning days in mid 90s since appearing on Dawson's Creek. Academy Award nominated for her portrayals as Marilyn Monroe and as a powerfully quiet grieving wife in "Brokeback Mountain". 

Since, we covered Michelle's triumphant and multiple wins, portraying Gwen Verdon in Fosse/Verdon on FX in 2019. She literally scooped up every award possible and deservingly so. So here's to champagne splashes and much to look forward in 2022!

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