Allow Us To Re-Introduce You To STATS! INYIM Media Album First Listen - Upcoming Sophomore Record, "Powys 1999" (Out November,13th)

It's been over a year since we last brought you the superb debut album Other People's Lives from the Brit band, Stats. Pandemic or not. The music is pouring and glistening from the sonic heavens. We have reviewed Stats soon to be released sophomore effort, Powys 1999 (due out November,13th)

Drifting softly from the art-punk/avant-funk sounds. In this new creative venture, Stats traveled their musical petticoats to the countryside. Where the manifestation beginnings of lead vocalist Ed Seeds were planted. Hailing from his childhood home of Powys, Wales, for inspiration. 

After a tremendous year as part of Dua Lipa's touring band, Ed speaks in a press release to INYIM Media on the reasoning behind recording back at home - “I knew we had to go back to Wales to make this album,” says Ed Seed about the new record. “I also knew I didn't want it to be sunny and meaninglessly pretty. It had to be October when the weathers unpredictable. I wanted the band to be able to step outside and feel that.”

And with all that electricity of influence set into motion. The new album drifts from track to track meandering their debut sound with lo-fi atmospheric-future vibrations. Even before knowing the initial concept, you can immediately claw into the moody-ethereal cold weather. Quiet yet turbulent energy. A deep dip into an exquisite windy rain dance in the fields during a pandemic. 

In this new world of EP's and single-only releases. Stats' complete full-body album is a must buy in physical form or for streaming purchase. Below further you will locate and discover extra special features such as our stand out picks!

Feel the nostalgia in this digital world.  God how did you make STATS so ambitious. Powys 1999 is due out November 13th on Memphis Industries.

Current Single Releases

Powys 1999 10 tracks offer a fill for every ear. Below, as always, are our notable preferred tracks for INYIM Media dedicated readers.

  • "Come With Me"
  • "Travel With Me Through this Ghost"
  • Old Flames
  • "Naturalise Me" 
  • "Out Of Body"

Stats are:
Ed Seed - singing/guitar
Nicole Robson - singing/keyboards
Stu Barter - singing/bass
John Barrett - drums
Duncan Brown – guitar
Iso Waller-Bridge - singing/keyboards
Ant Whiting - studio keyboards

 Stats' upcoming new album Powys 1999 is available for preorder on crystal vinyl, CD + limited edition T-shirts from at

Pre-save the new album on Spotify and win!


Special thanks to Memphis Industries & Ed Seed for their generosity with INYIM Media. 

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