ItsNotYouItsMe Album Spin - Stat's New LP "Other People's Lives"

We hold a very special treasure trove of what we like to call, "favorite-favorite all-time favorites." It's a holy trinity list of pioneering-incomparable artists that are innately born with that extra pizzaz, that unique it-factor. One of those deity names is the brilliant band Stats, an all-around rock n roll funky raw group on talented legs.

So this edition of our prestigious list of "Album Spin" is an extra prestigious one. After all, Stat's just dropped their far-out rock-pop-electroclash record entitled Other People's Lives. It's a daring dance effort full of garage rock tings from the early 2000s reminiscent of underground iconic groups like Hot Hot Heat and Friendly Fires.

The tunes showcase a more mature modern twist in this day in age. Including slinky electrifying sexy dance floor ready numbers (“Raft”). This is a record injected with authentic nightlife vibes. Vivrant catchy choruses and hooks make tracks like “Rhythm Of The Heart" impossible to escape. There are joyful dance-rock saucy tunes like "There Is A Story I Tell About My Life" and "I Am An Animal". Finally, there's our favorite, "Lose it", a solid bold, funky sound that gives quivers down our backbone. Captivating and hypnotizing.

Less is more? Or is Less a bore? Whatever thee inspiration behind this record, one thing for damn sure, it's ethereal, like a breezy alternative rock n roll daydream. At times it ventures into moody lyrical content but maintains a fun upbeat vivacious bouncy feel. Attached with pulsating guitar sonics both live and digital. You'll find Stat's singing at their most happy-go-lucky selves on this album.

There are pop-soul rock dance offerings. The ones perfect for your fun friend who shows up to a hangout. Solely to engage in some yummy cocktails. Or perhaps to blow puffs of some green flowery. Otherwise known as caterpillar substance, which leads the night into an inevitable decadent, transcendent party.

Stat's have innately gifted lyrical rhymes and authentic presence. They're ready to take center stage and dominate. Today our favorite tracks are featured. Hailing from London, England, thee following is a plethora of pulsating beats that enchant and thrill like goosebumps all over your body.

Take an earful right below!

There Is A Story I Tell About My Life (Lyric Video).

"I Am An Animal".

Rhythm Of The Heart.

From a High Sky.


Lose It.

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