Dig Out Arca's Stellar Collabo With Thee Saucy Rosalía For Single "KLK"!

Dig out Arca's stellar collaboration with thee saucy Rosalía for thee even saucier tune "KLK"!

"Gearing up for the release of her new album Kick I, electronic artist Arca has dropped “KLK,” a shimmering new track featuring Rosalía.

The song features the Spanish star singing with Arca over dizzying electronic beats; it was released alongside an instrumental version produced by Arca’s long-time collaborator Cardopusher.

Arca and Rosalía first collaborated at last year’s Latin Grammys, when Rosalía sampled the Venezuelan non-binary artist while performing “A Palé” from 2018’s El Mal Querer. On Sunday, the duo premiered “KLK” and spoke about the new song on Instagram Live.

In a new post, Arca likened the sub bass on “KLK” to the furroco. “The furruco is an autochthonous musical instrument that is played via friction of a rod attached to a large drum head,” she wrote. “When rubbed, it produces a big sub bass pulse that marks the tempo for the whole gaita group — gaita is typical Venezuelan music. I played furruco for years in the gaita groups of my school and music academy I went to, and it influenced me a lot. Venezuelan music has always been with me, and I’m so grateful to have studied some of its musical stylings.”

Arca will release Kick I on June 26th via XL Recordings. In addition to Rosalía, the album features contributions by Björk, Sophie and Shygirl. “KLK” follows the lead single “Time,” which was accompanied by a video from her September 2019 Mutant;Faith performance cycle at the Shed in New York City.

Kick I is Arca’s fourth studio record, following 2017’s self-titled LP. In February, she released an expansive 62-minute song, “@@@@@.“" - Rollingstone.com


1:16 intro
2:06 pienso en tu mirá
7:24 barefoot in the park
11:31 de madrugá
14:56 Catalina
19:19 Dios nos libre del dinero
21:17 a ningún hombre
23:40 de aquí no sales
26:27 di mi nombre
29:14 Bagdad
32:27 brillo
34:18 Parrita remix
36:25 interlude
39:21 yo x ti tu x mi
41:20 aute cuture

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