Charlie Puth Is Mister Lonely Confirming His Relationship Status With A Silly Video!

Charlie Puth is mister lonely confirming  his relationship status with silly video!

Thee dreamboat singer songwriter and all around musique prodigy, posted a sily clip on  IG. He said the following about the funny video:

“Vape? No…jazz piano”. In case y'all are wondering what's the “Vape? No” reference mean? Well its some meme about a TikTok trend where users pretend they’re vaping, only to reveal it’s really an instrument or object.

“I’m single if you’re wondering,” he later ends the post by saying.

Actor Zach Braff made a drive by comment  adding a “๐Ÿ”ฅ” emoji.

If you haven’t heard it yet, Charlie contributed a fun summery song to the Scoob soundtrack.

Dig out the silly clips right below!

A post shared by Charlie Puth (@charlieputh) on

A post shared by Charlie Puth (@charlieputh) on

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