Meghan Trainor Is Dipping & Doing It, Movin' & Groovin' In Her New Musique Video ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ With Nicki Minaj As They Pay Homage To All ‘Working Gals’!

Meghan Trainor is dipping and doing, movin' and groovin' it along with rapper icon Nicki Minaj in her new musique video entitled, ‘Nice to Meet Ya’. Thee super-duper technicolored bold and colorful affair is dripped with an exquisite pop sensibility.

Set behind a workplace like backdrop.  “Nice to Meet Ya,” is directed by artist Matthew Cullen. Thee in your face video piece has a treatment penned by Meghan Trainor herself. Inspired by one of her preferred films. 1988’s legendary and way, way, way ahead of its time, "Working Girl". Featuring thee equally groundbreaking and visionary actors Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, and Lily Tomlin.

Just as thee lyrical thesis sings, the tunes all about self-worth. Valuing your authentic concepts, accomplishments, and rarities. Not allowing that to be diminished and extinguished by wannabe haters who try too hard and just go through life stealing and faking. Those peanut butter and jelly jealous individuals that always lurk.

“I don't know you, but I'm just what I wanna be. Nice to meet ya, Please no comparisons 'cause you know they can't. Had to cut the grass, there was snakes in the camp”

Nicki adds thee cherry on top of this musical sundae. Joining Meghan Trainor ripping out of an elevator, rapping her signature catchy rhyme.
This project is off Trainor's freshly unleashed newest album "Treat Myself"

Without further ado. Get into thee “Nice to Meet Ya” groove, featured right below!

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