Dig Out Meghan Trainor's Electrifying New Single 'Genetics'!

Meghan Trainor is once again demonstrating her razor-sharp pop writing skills along with even edgier dance-pop beats and melodies. Following in the same authentic vein of such previous sizzling singles "Me Too", "Let You Be Right", and "Can't Dance", Meghan has got all the right stuff and them some with her latest scorching tune entitled "'Genetics".

Produced by Mike Sabath, "Genetics," is a whole lotta electronic dance-pop yumminess. The lyrical thesis itself tells it all. “How you get that bod?/ Is it from god? / Did you work real hard? / G-E-N-E-T-I-C-S / How you get that bass? / Is it all fake? / Made in LA / G-E-N-E-T-I-C-S.”

We comprehend the entire sentiment of it all. Having always been proponents of self- authentic love in all its originality and born-with talent supreme.

Her upcoming record tentatively named "Treat Myself", has only revved up our anticipation with “Genetics” being her next single.

So get ready to shake a tailfeather and dip it low right below with Meghan Trainor's supa groovy new single “Genetics”!

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