Fighting Justice For Thee Injustice, Taylor Swift Unleashes A Provocatively Powerful Truth-Spilling New Single Lyric Video "The Man"!

Fighting justice for thee injustice, Taylor Swift unleashes a provocatively powerful truth-spilling new single lyric video entitled, "The Man"!

Whether Tay is fighting brilliantly for Gay Rights, cultural acceptance, women's rights, musical empowerment, equality, etc. One thing for certain. She is a pop queen icon goddess, who is miles and shores ahead of her time. That would explain the constant hassling from others who are envious because it's derived from their own lack of self-esteem and vision.

With that, Taylor has unleashed an animated lyric video for her tune “The Man,”. Its specific lyrical thesis is all about confrontation of workplace sexism and exploitation. All of which we've experienced and know all too well. Swift spills her own struggles to rise to the top of thee musique industry.

Thee video aesthetic describes a woman trying to get ahead in a maze-like city full of guys and staircases that lead to nowhere. In thee end, she gets a helping hand from another woman (or in our story version, an ItsNotYouItsMe likeminded acolyte).

She ultimately learns that the true path to success is by lifting one another up. It's also a perfect followup to her recently released Miss Americana. Thee documentary which follows Swift’s life during the making of her 2019 Lover album and her recent political involvements. All available to stream on Netflix.

Fellow artist directors has the following to say about the film: “I think girls in our society are taught that other people’s approval is of paramount importance to their self-worth. I really related to those questions of: ‘Was I nice enough? Do they like me? Are people mad at me?’ When I heard Taylor verbalize that, I was just like, ‘Oh my God. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.’ And I thought it would be so comforting and relatable to so many women to know that, even if you’re a celebrity at the highest level, you still ask yourself those questions.”

Press play right below carebears!

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