Courtesy Of The Group Joywave, Here Is A Truth Telling Tale Of Big-Pharmaceutical Commercials Perfectly Depicted In Parody Form In Their Stellar Video “Half Your Age”

Courtesy of the group Joywave, here is a truth-telling tale of big-pharmaceutical commercials perfectly depicted in parody form in their stellar musique video “Half Your Age”. Thee saucy groovy indie rock electronic band have unleashed a provocative tune whistleblowing thee current state of all those degenerate Pharmaceutical companies out there.

Joywave's "Half Your Age" is directed by fellow artist Isaac Rentz who manifested impeccably a parody masterpiece. Vocalist Daniel Armbruster had the following to spill on thee project:

"We were obsessed with the idea of creating the worst, most literal, tasteless commercial sync for the song possible. We bounced back and forth between a prescription medication ad and a toothpaste spot. Big pharma won out."

Off Joywave's upcoming 3rd record entitled, "Possession" set for a March 13th release in support of the group's self-owned Cultco label.

Dig out the eye-gasmic piece of authentic and necessary artwork. Joywave's brilliantly and astoundingly thoughtful and electrifying “Half Your Age” featured right below!

Additional discography tunes!

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