Scope Out Our Full Media Coverage Of Our Anointed Pop Kitten CYN & Her First Headline Show For Neon Gold Records Popshop West! (July 23, 2019 -The Echo, Sunset Blvd)

In the words of Julius Caesar who used the phrase in a letter to the Roman Senate in 47 BC, it was a "Veni, Vidi, Vici" kinda evening for singer CYN. Our anointed maverick Pop Kitten came, SANG and conquered the iconic underground venue, The Echo. Located in Echopark on thee divine and ever-changing streets of Sunset Blvd, CYN strutted out onto thee enigmatic stage to an awaiting and highly buoyant, energetic enthused crowd.

Splashing with a demure coquettish yet playful vibrant vibe, CYN ferociously ripped through song after song. Her single "Holly Roller" set quite a perfect beautiful storm as she coyly moved and grooved across the stage from left to right with an alluring spark. The audience followed her every jive. Proudly and beautifully singing her other tunes, such as "Believer". That's when she then dropped a cover bomb. She astoundingly covered a favorite gem of ours, thee 1996 juggernaut Billboard Hot 100 hit "Lovefool" by The Cardigans. ​

The melody started as she gained instant momentum with the legendary lyrical thesis, exclaiming, "Dear I fear we're facing a problem"...she then reached the fever pitch high chorus part, and in perfect unison with the audience, she enchantingly simpered every immaculate word.

Cyn also had a sonically smashing band supporting her every beat in tow. Once thee entire room was swaying stellarly, putty in her palms, CYN unleashed her phenomenal, rock-pop electronic ditty, "Terrible Ideas".

With her sweet angelic face and her juxtaposed discernable entrancing voice, there is no doubt of CYN's rising presence. It is electric and impeccably melded with her hypnotizing, jazzy snazzy musicianship. An endearing yet rebel heart. Cyn's production value and setlist are one we can't wait to see manifest.

For all the Los Angeles bound inhabitants like ourselves, we could not press how alive and authentically edgy-saucy Cyn is. A good trouble persona. She most definitely set the night ablaze in the city of stars.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019, was the night where the mood was right, anything with Cyn became alright! An event of musical triumph for her.

Signed sealed delivered, we're furthermore supporters of hers. Although we were in full media coverage mode. CYN gave us some yummy funky majestic memories, as she performed her first headline show for Neon Gold Records Popshop West! We're believers. We raise our musical paws in high reverence for the inimitable CYN.

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