ItsNotYouItsMe Blog: Allow Us To Introduce You To Rising Pop Kitten CYN And Her Discernable Entrancing Tune "Terrible Ideas"

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Allow Us To Introduce You To Rising Pop Kitten CYN And Her Discernable Entrancing Tune "Terrible Ideas"

Allow us to introduce you musique-bots to rising pop kitten CYN! With a sweet angelic face yet a juxtaposed discernable entrancing voice, there is no doubt her brand new spanking tune entitled "Terrible Ideas" is a phenomenal number.

There is an exclusive music video that has premiered in conjunction showcasing CYN's coy demeanor and hypnotizing coquettish allure. The melody starts at midtempo slowly gaining momentum as it reaches a fever pitch chorus. It'll move you and get you swaying from left to right.

CYN's voice is electric and impeccably melded with this rock-pop electronic ditty. Outside of the box in thee simplest way in her musique video, "Terrible Ideas", she's stripped down aesthetically. She's been quoted saying, "I realized how lyrically personal the song's storytelling is. I wanted to bring the intimacy forward."

Directed by artist Quinn Wilson, who's also worked with another equally jazzy snazzy musician, Lizzo! He says about the featured clip "Terrible Ideas": "I think that comes across most in the hyper-close-ups of CYN and between moments of her touching the lens."

It's quite a relatable ode to falling in love rapidly yet enjoying every godforsaken second of it. Only those that have a rebel heart could only comprehend. Living an authentic spontaneous life, never trying too hard or just for the sake of showing off. The single is edgy and dark.

CYN goes on to spill: “This song sounds different than anything else I’ve released because I continue to be confident enough to write things that are true to me at the moment, from the lyrics to the production.”

For all you Los Angeles bound inhabitants like ourselves you'll most definitely get thee following lyrical thesis from the songs versus. “I feel so alive, want you faster on the 405/ Not scared to die/ We get off on all these terrible ideas.”

Without further ado get into thee CYN groove and press play with ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade “Terrible Ideas” right below!

CYN's other tune "Alright"

Our favorite track "Together"!

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