Allow Us To Introduce You Musique-Bots To Argentian Singer/Model Sofía Hervier!

Allow us to introduce you musique-bots to Argentian singer/model Sofía Hervier. Hailing from Buenos Aires, this fresh new R&B/Latin Pop songstress has unleashed a sexy sunny summer delight in the form of her brand spanking new single entitled "Duro".

She came dance floor ready with a pulsating Spanish flavored hypnotizing track filled with enigmatic melodies and entrancing lyrics. Reggeaton has never sounded so modernistic in 2019.

The usual run of the mill trendy genre are recycled chords and 808s making it difficult to distinguish one artist from thee other. This is not the case with Sofia Hervier. In the same vein of artists such as young Latin prince newcomer Ctanaga, Sofia serves an authentic, special delivery package with her tune, "Duro."

Perfect to shake a tailfeather too when your getting ready for a night out or when that witching hour hits at midnight, and your feeling that peak moment of exhilaration under the disco lights. Sofia chants, "si me muevo el booty, todos me miran, Duro."

Represented by Model management world modeling community, we can't wait to see the development and further unravelment of miss Sofia!

Without further ado, get into thee latest ItsNotYouItsMe hit parade with Sofia Hervier and her stellar smash electric tune "Duro" right below!

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