Dig Out Super-Charming Singer Songwriting Prince Of Pop Mika & His Smashing Latest Video-Single "Tiny Love"

Dig out the super-charming singer-songwriting prince of pop Mika and his smashing latest tune entitled "Tiny Love Video". Off his upcoming record, 'My Name Is Michael Holbrook', Mika has nailed the bullseye writing this usually untold love story.

 In a world full of trends where bobbleheads cattle to the latest pop-up shop and/or vapid mainstream allurance. Mika wrote about a uniquely special, one of a kind, genuine stardust romance. There are no "relationship goals" here or dishonest delusional "living my best life" (because "living one's best life" is really about living an unpremeditated, uninhibited and decent wild authentic existence.

Mika's second single 'Tiny Love' has the magically raw expressive candid video for the song describing a complex romance tale.

Scope out the lyrical thesis right below carebears as you press play on the brand new spanking video for Mika's vulnerable and radically charged, love-food for thought, "Tiny Love"!

"It's not a sunrise over canyons shaped like hearts
It isn't bursting into song in Central Park
It's not the outline of your face drawn in the stars
It's a "still-there-Monday-morning" kind of love

There's no dramatic declarations in the rain
It's not a love that finds its pleasure after pain
I couldn't train a bunch of doves to spell your name
It's a "don't-know-what-they're-missing" kind of love

Our kind of love, it gets better every day
Crazy colors in the grey, our love
Tiny love, it's a tiny love

This tiny love has spoken
And bigger hearts get broken
(Oh) Tiny love

So small that you can't find us
The world revolves around us
(Oh) Tiny love

This kind of love, it can't be no other way
One kind of love blows the other ones away
Some times it's tough, others think we're acting strange
But it's our kind of love, our kind of love

Oh, tiny love."

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