Cardi B Is Hot Off The Press And So Is Her Fresh New Musique Video For Her Current Single 'Press'!

Cardi B is hot off the press and so is her fresh new musique video for her current single 'Press'! After poppin' and making yet another show-stopping performance at this past weekends 2019 BET Awards, the Grammy Award winner has got another hot visual served at 100 degrees. Cardi B's life is most definitely a perfect example of life imitating art.

In the motif of the video, Cardi is getting pinned for murder, as she gloriously goes from scene to scene taking control of her destiny in all of her truth. Thee visual is NSFW rated. Cardi pleads her case in court while simultaneously backed up by her team of nude dancers. Choreography, as always, impeccable To a T.

This is definitely shootout saga ala Cardi B. Scope out the rap queen strutting the orange jumpsuit behind bars as her hair is lit of passion and anger, she drowns her cellmate in the toilet closing the "Press" video to an astounding and breathtaking ending. Fun ItsNotYouItsMe fact, this is the very first musique video that Cardi B accomplished a co-directing credit for herself.

Meanwhile, in real life matters. Cardi entered a none guilty plea for a slew of new felony charges during an arraignment on Tuesday (June 25) at a Queens courthouse for her connection to a strip club fight that took place last year in August.

So let's get into some smooth criminal cheeky aesthetics and dig out Cardi B's latest smash juggernaut hit "Press" featured right below!

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