Dig Out Madonna's Brand New Spanking Disco Ethereal Masterpiece '"God Control" Musique Video!

Madonna has unleashed a brand new spanking disco ethereal, monster masterpiece musique video for her fresh single "God Control"! One of our favorite-favorite, most favorite preferred tunes off her new album "Madame X".

Thee goddess and Queen of pop to no surprise has released one of thee greatest aesthetics of her career to date. This musique video stands strong and alone against her almost four-decade inimitable career. "God Control" has the main theme with its lyrical thesis intertwined with its visual. That being? "We need to wake up!"

Thee eight-minute extravaganza is an event itself. Madonna opens behind a typewriter, angrily working and printing out the lyrics to the Madame X track. Naturally its a dance floor ready jam worthy of a Confessions on a dancefloor marriage.

It's pop, house, a whole lotta disco and a perfect pride theme anthem for the month of June and all year for that matter. With a dozen of dancers as her army of me. One of thee many backdrops served in the video is a bullet-riddled club, ala impersonating the sad and tragic event from thee 2016 mass shooting in Orlando's Pulse nightclub, which murdered 49 people and hurt 53 others.

The clip includes "disturbing" images at the commencement. In true Madonna fashion, it's provocative, shocking, ultrabold. All wrapped up in one mindblowing dance rage motif.

Madonna was quoted saying that she, "I had a plan to manifest a club banger describing the dangers of guns. Gun violence is a message that we must never quit. Every year, more than 36,000 Americans are killed in acts of gun violence and approximately 100,000 more are shot and injured. No one is safe. Gun control now." We couldn't agree anymore.

Without further ado lets pull back the red velvet curtains and press play on one of the best videos to come out this year of 2019...Madonna's pop-perfect "God Control"!

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