Iceage Unleash Far-Out ‘Pain Killer’ Musique Video Featuring Pop Alternative Kitten Sky Ferreira!

Last year, we featured our preferred rare album cut ‘Pain Killer’ from the rock band Iceage's brilliant album Beyondless, featuring pop-alternative kitten Sky Ferreira. Now a whole entire year later, hunky dory lead singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt and the boys, going impeccably hand in hand with Sky as thee cutie patooties (who in our minds we wish were a real couple) go through an addiction craziness in their just released brand-spanking' new musique video. Iceage’s video for “Pain Killer,” is a collaborative tour de la force,

where the video opens with the character suffering an injury at a construction job. Only to wake up in the hospital with a head trauma. That's when the doctors prescribe some "painkillers" before he reenters the planet. After the character jumps off a bridge, floating off the ground, nervously gearing his car whiling spitting out tons of DNA.

Various animated, psychedelic aesthetics come and go. Entire rainbows, butterflies and crazy red eyes appear. Sky shows up for a limited yet sweet pop up brief cameo. Her sultry vocals impeccably mashing performing the song opposite Iceage. The grainy feel and VHS-quality split-screen adds an extra yummy element.

The horn-fueled tune is also our preferred album track for the simple fact that it's jazz and rock n roll infusion in these modern times is something very musically avant-garde.

Without further get into the groove with Iceage and Sky Ferreira's far-out ‘Pain Killer’ musique video right below!

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