Iceage Fires Up Thee KEXP Session Stage!


Earlier last season, one of our preferred modern day rock bands Iceage visited Seattle’s KEXP studio and let us tell you honey rockers, they set the stage on fire leaving the building exuding that oldie but goodie saying, not a drip less of sex drugs and rock n roll.

With front lead singer and all around sex pot on legs, Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, showcasing his authentic moody mix of punk and coy tartness, shredded through a 4 song session. Complete with all their new hits from their brilliant 2018 album 'Beyondless' published via Matador Records, (and one of our fave records, in general, to come out this year) consisted of “Catch It”, “Painkiller featuring thee enigma herself Sky Ferreira”, “Hurrah” and the yummy album title track “Beyondless”.

This proves yet once again why the conventional novelty seekers, bobbleheads, and the trend chasers of the world will never comprehend that thee alternative-rock post-punk fever is very much alive and shall never die. With the representation of Iceage and other acts, it is safe to say that this enthralling, mysterious genre of musique continues growing in 2018.

Since our covering of Iceage began for almost 2 years, we see and more importantly appreciate thee carefully collaborated well-meshed group of boys. Intertwining their Danish group's groove with a special saucy live show set, the post-punk boy quartet are glorious and comforting for all us authentic rock-bots.

Dig out below, the hunky dory cutie patootie Mister Elias Bender Rønnenfelt as he and the rest of the lads add an extra grungy muddy moody pizzaz filled with an impeccable rock n roll aura!

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