Fontaines D.C. Rips Through Performing Their Stellar Tune "Big" Live In The KEXP Studios!

We've been turned onto Dublin Punk-Rock group Fontaines D.C. for quite some time. Since our last feature on the boys two weeks ago, Fontaines D.C. has unleashed a magnetic rock n roll punk pulsating performance with their single "Big". The raw energized number from their soon to be released debut album Dogrel set ablaze the KEXP Studios.

Don't forget the meaning behind the title Dogrel. But in case yall did. We're here to rinse and repeat for you. According to reports and press release, is "taken from a form of poetry once popular in Ireland — a form that was rough around the edges, working class, and often met with derision by establishment critics — “Dogrel” alludes to the particular mixture Fontaines are chasing in their music: the high-minded literary influences mixed with the colloquialisms of pub talk in Dublin, or the cerebral nature of their writing mixed with furious, drunken, immediate instrumentals."

Without further ado, do the punk rock and get the naughty haughty tarty goodness that is Fontaines D.C. mega “Big” performance in the KEXP Studios!

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