Thursday, September 6, 2018

Jennifer Love Hewitt And Michael Jackson A Hollywoodland Fairytale Friendship Growing Up!

Who knew Jennifer Love Hewitt and Michael Jackson had a Hollywoodland fairytale friendship a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.  Well, it was the late 1980's and 90's teen-pop icon and all around groovy actress Jennifer Love Hewitt had the wildest and most astounding stories about Michael Jackson and their times together.

Hewitt gushed about the late King, who she first came in contact with while filming an LA Gear commercial when she was only 10 years old.

Jennifer spilled that he taught her some dance moves and met thee infamous pet chimpanzee Bubbles. He also gave her some pretty special and one of a kind advice and later after working together Michael heard she was going to a charity event after the shoot, and so he sent a generous donation in her name.

“He stopped at the end of the day [and] he was like ‘You don’t know how important it is that you’re doing something that’s special and important for other people.’ And he was like ‘Never lose that. Always be that person,’” Jennifer continued spilling.

She also declared that she and her momma attended multiple parties including one of Michael‘s Thanksgiving parties at Neverland Ranch! Let's get into the chatty groove and go back to a time when it was all Ferris wheel, candy shops, and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

Dig out Jennifer Love‘s full interview right below:

Below we're giving in much-elated notoriety to Jennifer Love's forever-more burgeoning singing career from the FOUR DECADES. Dating back from her "Kids Incorporated" days during the 1980's followed by her 1990's Blondie, Paula Abdul, Bobby Brown, etc covers.

Also one can't forget her Lilith fair transformation in the lates 90's to her early millennium mini success during TRL and MTV's 2000 heydays. Finally making a return to her singing trade in 2013 in conjunction with her hit show, The Client List.  Scope it all out!

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