Thursday, September 6, 2018

Joey Purp's Groove-Tastic “Elastic”

Just like Nicki Minaj's recent homage to Biggie and NY on her now iconic "Barbi Dreams" off the album "Queen" we now observe the stellar return of  Chia town rapper Joey Purp. A manifestation of the SaveMoney crew senor Purp last album came and went in 2016 churning out a couple underground hip-hop gems we dug. He's now back with thee much-anticipated QUARTERTHING.

His new single is an electrifying good ol' hip-hop rap joint entitiled“Elastic.” A tune inspired by everything we adore in musique history. The groove-alicious and heavily influenced classic Chicago house circuit music is written all over it. Purp flows sleekly and boldly over a tempestuous but funky hard beat.

Purp has also spilled the album’s tracklist and we have it right below. Now, dig out the rap-tastic  “Elastic” below:

01 “24/k Gold/Sanctified” (Feat. Rayvn Lenae)
02 “God Body Pt. 2 (Feat. RZA)
03 “Hallelujah”
04 “Elastic”
05 “Aw Shit!”
07 “Paint Thinner”
08 “Look @ My Wrist” (Feat. CDot Honcho)
09 “2012”
10 “Fessional/Diamonds Dancing” (Feat. Queen Key)
11 “Karl Malone”
12 “Bag Talk”
13 “LeBron James (Thelonious Martin)”
14 “In The Morning” (Feat. GZA)

QUARTERTHING is out 9/7.

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