Thursday, July 12, 2018

Dax Shepard Spills The Tea To Jimmy Kimmel About Wife Kristen Bell Is 'Batsh-t Crazy' For Wearing Gloves In The Pool!

Funny bone jones man Dax Shepard strutted by Jimmy Kimmel Live and divuldged why his wife Kristen Bell likes to wear gloves while swimming in a pool?!

“I’ve been with her for 11 years and I’ve always been told that she just doesn’t like going in the pool. So she’ll take the kids and just sit in a lawn chair or whatever,” the sillyman banters to Jimmy. “The heat wave was so dramatic, she had to get in the pool."

Dax then said she yelped, “I have to go get my pool gloves! And that's when things got hella sketchy ya'll. Dax then said, ‘Get your pool gloves? Gonna do some underwater welding?’”

Dax said Kristen left and reappeared with her handy dandy gloves which she believes are actually intended for pool wear: “Weirder to me than her even having this proclivity is that someone’s manufacturing pool gloves,” Dax laughed. “Does anybody here wear pool gloves? No? See, she’s batshit crazy! Apparently there’s a boutique pool glove place somewhere that she’s spending our money at.”

Dig out all the hilariousness right below:

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