Thursday, June 7, 2018

It's Truly A Miracle! It's Mariah & JLo On Jimmel Kimmel!

It's truly a miracle! It's Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez sharing the same stage the same time slot with the host JUST on different segments. Lol. We gotcha! Jimmel Kimmel had the infamous best friends only less than 24hours together as main guests on his wildly longtime running popular nighttime talk show.

Jennifer spoke about everything from who she is rooting for in the NBA Finals, going to baseball games with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, their very competitive relationship, and running track in high school. Jimmy also dressed like LeBron James by making his suit pants into shorts, so he thought it might be fun to share his nuevo style with someone out on Hollywood Boulevard while the pedestrian later came in the studio to have Jennifer help Jimmy cut the pant legs off his suit knickers as well!

While Mariah chit chatted about being terrible at spelling, writing tunes with her bambinos, the great gift Cyndi Lauper gave her, her new show in Las Vegas, running into Lionel Ritchie in Vegas, and hosting American Idol. Maraich lastly pulls an Oprah by surprising the astounded audience with a gift!

Scope out all the yummy top-notch Diva-ness right below!

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