Friday, June 8, 2018

Laser Resurfacing Gets Male Models Ready for Their Close-ups

"Trends in male aesthetic surgery are always changing and one of the hottest cosmetic procedures of the moment is laser resurfacing. According to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, ablative laser skin resurfacing usually costs 2,124 dollars and non-ablative procedures, such as Fraxel treatments, have an average price of 1,114 bucks. Today, we want to share information about what laser resurfacing is and what the benefits and risks are. When you see a handsome male model with immaculate skin on a magazine cover, or striking the pose in an editorial layout, you may not realize that laser resurfacing is his secret weapon. It can be yours, too.

This procedure utilizes a laser to enhance the appearance and texture of skin. A plastic surgeon or dermatologist will look at your skin and decide whether an ablative or non-ablative laser treatment is right for you. According to, 86 percent of patients who opt for these procedures are pleased with their results. Like many cosmetic procedures, there are drawbacks but the opportunity to improve skin quality and texture is something many feel is worth the small risk." -

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