Kim Petras Finally Unleashed Her Nuevo Musique Video For 'Heart to Break'

Since the last year of 2017, we've been on pop princess German singer Kim Petras' radar after she released her sugary bubble pop electric debut single. Months and months later she finally unleashed her nuevo musique video for
'Heart To Break'. It's a bubblegum glass fairytale motif whole-heartedly impeccably fit for all you popheads. Its crystal retro-futuristic mansion set somewhere in an unknown location.

Sure Kim Petra is up-and-coming, but if this tune is any clear indication of where she's taking it sonically, we're here for it!
Directed by Nick Harwood, Petras showcases here will give love a try despite losing it all.

Leaning out of a high tower window, after texting a boy she likes and getting style advice from an amigo, the star runs amuck through the halls, only to be found by her dream boy. There is a dance break and a sequence yall. What else do we ask of our pop kittens, nada else.

In an interview with Billboard speaking about the tune back  February, Kim spilled the tea that she wanted to make a love song about accepting your own foolishness in starting a relationship. “When I hear heartbreak songs I always feel like, ‘O.K. that’s exactly how I feel...I’m not the only person who fell in love like a stupid person’. I love songs like that; they just make me feel like I’m not alone. So I hope that it does that for somebody, but also I hope people can get really drunk and sing along and party.”

Wait no more popper-bears and hit play and get ready for your “Heart to Break”!

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