Arcade Fire Reminisce About All Their SNL Appearances And The Jam Band Festival Sketch That Got Cut

It's no surprise that for the better part of the last two years Arcade Fire has been capturing our musical hearts with their last effort, "Everything Now." Especially producing our new favorite tune of this "Put Your Money On Me." Now the band catch up and are reminiscing their recurring appearances on the longest-running show in TV history Saturday Night Live. A total of five times over the last two decades, "four as themselves and one as Mick Jagger’s backing band."

They chit-chatted and sat down for an exclusive rare interview to spill the teabag on their deep involvement and roots with the program. Their most recent appearance was last month (which we posted just click on the group's linked name) when they jammed dos tracks from Everything Now while participating in a sketch about the “Canadian Harvey Weinstein.”

“We’re all extremely good actors, so that part is easy,” Win Butler, the lead singer cheekily divulged. “It’s kind of the only show that’s actually live. We’re a live band first and foremost, so when that light comes on, you’ve gotta do it. It’s kind of terrifying.”

Intriguingly so, the band also expressed their experience about the after-shows they usually performed, playing for the cast and crew until they weren’t allowed to anymore.

Scope out all the candid yumminess!

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