Dianna Agron Has A Meeting In The Ladies Room

Actress Dianna Agron , best known for her role in Glee, chats with host Jimmy Kimmel on his weekly night show. Always the graceful one, Dianna divulged some interesting tid-bits, like the time when she saved Beyonce from walking out of thee ladies room with toilet paper on her stilletos. Okay, perhaps that exact scenario didn't occur, but scope out the interview attached below for the real deets on what went down in that bathroom break with Beyonce.

Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1.

"It was all the girls from Glee, and then Beyonce, and Gwyneth. It was the most fabulous bathroom break ever! You know the thing in magazines where they say ‘Stars - They’re Like Us!’…Beyonce is like us! She eats mints!". - Dianna Agron

Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2.

Thee only thing that would've made this story even more stellar, is if the follow tune below had been playing in the background while the ladies powdered and swapped lipstick tips.

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