Sabrina Carpenter Allows Bloody Karma For Unpleasant Boys In New 'Feather' Music Video.

Sabrina Carpenter Allows Bloody Karma For Unpleasant Boys In New 'Feather' Music Video.

"As Halloween arrives, it’s officially the final day of spooky season — but as Sabrina Carpenter captures in the music video for her latest single, “Feather,” men tend to be scary all year long. The Mia Barnes-directed video finds the singer pulling up in a bubblegum pink hearse to a funeral for a few catcalling, mansplaining, and consent-ignoring dudes who made the mistake of crossing her.

Carpenter finds a middle ground between Jennifer’s Body and Final Destination, with a pop girl twist, as she lets the universe take care of eradicating the posturing feminist men who followed her down the street, only to then be hit by a truck they were too distracted to see coming. And when she hits the gym in stilettos and knee-highs, she doesn’t even need to put her boxing gloves to use — the mansplaining men there end up beating each other to death before she could even swing, anyway.

The only time the singer really has to take matters into her own hands is when she catches a man in an elevator taking pictures of her from behind. It’s not like he tried to be subtle; he didn’t even bother to turn the flash off. But since consent and privacy mean nothing to him, his life means nothing to her. With the tug of his tie, and a closing of the elevator door, Carpenter leaves him decapitated — removing the head he should have been thinking with in the first place. When she chuckles, “I’m soooo sorry for your loss,” she clearly couldn’t be more unbothered.

“Feather” appears on Emails I Can’t Send Fwd:, the deluxe edition of her fifth studio album, released earlier this year. Carpenter recently performed the song for her Spotify Singles double release alongside a stripped-back cover of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” In a few weeks, the singer will resume her role as an opener on the Latin American leg of Swift’s acclaimed Eras tour."

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