R.I.P...Gone But Never-Ever Forgotten: There Was Only One Nini Nobless (Formerly Denis LePage) Of Influential Canadian Disco/HiNRG Group LIME Passes At 74.

Denis LePage before transitioning to Nini Nobless

R.I.P...Gone but never-ever forgotten: There was only one Nini Nobless (Formerly Denis LePage) of influential Canadian Disco/HiNRG duo LIME who Passes At 74. They were the whole talented package!

It is reported that Nini died unexpectedly after being hospitalized for Terminal Cancer on Tuesday August 22, 2023.

Denis & Denyse

Born Denis LePage, they spearheaded the Montreal, Quebec sound with then-wife Denyse LePage. The Hi-NRG sound was all self-produced and mixed literally in-house at their home studio.

The contagious dance-floor sound gave the Lime duo number-one hits around the world and influenced dance music going forward. Denis was also a gifted multi-instrumentalist and producer with hundreds of credits ranging from Carol Jani to France Joli.

Denis and Denyse LePage
@itsnotyouitsmemedia Breaking News | Nini Nobless (formerly Denis LePage) of influential Canadian Disco/HiNRG group LIME has passed away at from cancer at the age of 74. #DenisLePage #hinrg #disco #80smusic ♬ Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight - Remix - Lime

Denis (Bottom Right) with his late 60's band The Persuaders

Check out some of It's Not You It's Me Media's all time favorite Lime tracks...

Denis transitioned to Nini Nobless in the final years of their life.

Jeff Plante a friend of Nobless
August 21 at 8:36 PM  · 
I am devastated. Just learned of the passing of my friend and colleague in music Denis le Page (Lime, Pouls, Kathmandu and many others) The E in bracket is because he made the choice late in his life to become a woman.
Denis passed away this morning, August 21, 2023 at the Sacred Heart Hospital from general cancer
I have never known anyone so brilliant. Every time he puts his hands on a keyboard. Improvised, he generated an ear worm. I will never see this again in my life and I am privileged to have shared these very rare moments with him... and she is. Denis it was 2 people. So many 2 people that it's the only one I've ever known that could write in french with one hand. And in the English of the other.... At the same time. We had conversations so deep I'm still shaking.
Denis was very hard to work with. Yvon Lafrance of the Limelight will be able to testify. We have a lot of tunes from our project that will unfortunately remain incomplete.
When they say genius breeds madness, here is an example. This was at my house a few years ago

May the afterlife be kind to Denis for the soundtrack they have created with Denyse LePage will forever play and bring people happiness in this sometimes-difficult world. Rest in Peace and Thank you!

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