Allow Us To Introduce You To Ginchy-Groovy Sonics From Jitwam Feat. YUNGMORPHEUS & Jaydonclover's Hypnotizingly Spirited Single, "Hollatchu."

Allow us to introduce you to ginchy-groovy sonics from Jitwam feat. YUNGMORPHEUS and Jaydonclover's hypnotizingly spirited single, "Hollatchu." 

Born in India, raised in Australia and currently based between New York and London. The rising artist senor Jitwam blends his multiple cultures with psychedelic soul and hip-hop to manifest something innovative. 

He collaborates alongside Miami rap songstress YUNGMORPHEUS and one of Alabama state's R&B songbird, Jaydonclover. This is a truly magnetic musical journey through a vast array of styles. Nu funk at it's finest and a dance floor ready to light up.

Without further ado. Get into Jitwam Feat. YUNGMORPHEUS & Jaydonclover groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. The inescapable "Hollatchu" featured right below! 

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