Allow Us To Introduce You To Mexican-American Saucy Songbird Ely Blancarte & Her Flirty Tune “Plástico.”

Allow us to introduce you to Mexican-American saucy songbird Ely Blancarte and her flirty tune “Plástico.”

Unleashed via WK Records. With +110 million streams and has 15 million followers across her social media platforms. This bad chica is poised to be internationally appealing for her unique urban music artistry. 

Discovering new registers in her voice rooted in self-confidence and sensuality. Her musical intent is to transmit to her listeners sonics that embody this new trajectory she's riding. 

Accompanied by visual aesthetics complete with floor-length braids and couture pieces. The songwriter strong-effervescent attitude in her single is available now across all digital platforms

Without further ado. Get into thee Ely Blancarte groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. The inescapable “Plástico” featured right below.

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