INYIM Media Album Spin (Revival): Tove Lo's "Dirt Femme" Is One Of 2022's Best Sonics.

INYIM Media Album Spin (Revival): Tove Lo's "Dirt Femme" is one of 2022's best.

Tove Lo has single handedly brought back our beloved but now defunct regular featured story "INYIM Media Album Spin." 

The Swedish songbird unleashed the album entitled “Dirt Femme,” her first album as an independent artist and a married woman. 

The caliber of  artist that Tove Lo is refuses to get boring and accommodate what societal norms have been brainwashing since the dawn of mankind.  All of domestic bliss, be damned.

Per usual. We've compiled a list of our preferred tracks. Along with all the video aesthetics Tove Lo has released thus far.

After 13 years, you longtime devoted genuine supporters know what to do! Let's celebrate the comeback of our revered "INYIM Media Album Spin." With the one and only Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson.


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