Special Interest Is Baaaccckkk! With Truth-Spilling Nu-Wave Dance Alternative Tune "(Herman's) House"’!

The first time we featured badass New Orleans based artists Special Interest, was back in February of 2021. Under the revered INYIM Media New Music Discovery's. 

Now they've unleashed a smoking, can't get it outta your head, new single entitled, "(Herman's) House". The punks were inspired by the dream home the wrongfully accused, Herman Wallace envisioned, while locked away in solitary confinement. Sadly a tale as old as time. A human being framed for a crime he didn’t commit.

This is a prime example of a question we have and will always ponder in life. Why were we taught to be afraid of the witches and not the people who burned them alive.

Herman Wallace, a member of the Angola Three, had spent three decades at a Louisiana prison for a fake convicting when he connected with the artist Jackie Sumell, who asked him in a 2001 letter, “What kind of house does a man who lives in a 6-foot-by-9-foot cell for 30 years dream of?” In their correspondence over the next decade, Wallace and Summell manifested a luxurious, yet practical home. 

Consisted of ginormous pantry and workshop space. Cozy  master bedroom accented with a rooftop garden. A swanky safety bunker, a giant swimming pool with the logo of the Black Panthers. Wallace was finally allowed to leave on Oct. 1, 2013, three days before his death. 

Wallace’s dream home, and that of his Angola Three friends. Robert King and Albert Woodfox  who also spent decades unjustly locked in solitary. They all are the influence behind (“Herman’s) House.”  Special Interest have delivered an exquisite dance-punk masterpiece amidst it all.

Alli Logout ihas rousing vocal powerhouse intertwining the impeccable pulsating bass beats and riveting guitar riffs. An inescapable chorus. "(Herman's) House" may arguably be one of their strongest productions to date. Maybe its because of the lyrical thesis. This particular song is one only likeminded genuine craftsman's will comprehend. Also incorporating elements of rock, pop, and electronic dance. This genre-blending jam proves to be a one-of-a-kind creation that very few could pull off with such finesse. We're are on our toes with anticipation for more-more-more track list.

Enduring is the name of the game. Enduring, of course, in this world, is the ultimate challenge. For Wallace, solitary confinement chipped away at his body and mind. Apparently envisioning up a home with Sumell helped him maintain what little sanity he had left, to maintain my humanity and dignity, according to reports. To endure was to create amidst so much destruction. Special Interest  showcase the two elements as equals and not competing entities

Without further ado. Get into the Special Interest groove. The inescapable and electro fit "(Herman's) House"’!  

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