Allow Us To Introduce You To Afro-Latina TikTok Star Pamé & Her Electrifying Tune "Fresh Water" Feat. Floyd Fuji!

Allow us to introduce you to Afro-Latina TikTok star Pamé and her electrifying tune "Fresh Water" featuring Floyd Fuji! In 2021, Pame unleashed covers of fellow artists like Adele's, "Easy on Me." Posted back in Nov. 27, 2021. Pamé's has a total of over 11.7 million views on the video clip.

Gifted with vocal chops that sound straight out of a recording studio. According to her, even her "janky speaker and karaoke-style setup" sees her also including classics like Etta James's "Sunday Kind of Love," Whitney Houston's "Run to You," and "Pa' Romperla" by Bad Bunny and Don Omar. 

With Pamé first single, entitled "Fresh Water," featuring fellow Floyd Fuji. It's a tune intertwining tropical sound which she hopes to embody by combining traditional Dominican sonics and sacred African-derived music played on traditional palo drums. 

Incorporating chanting, merengue, accordion, and modern sounds. She said the following about the project:  "I'm from a country called Dominican Republic, so a lot of my music is incorporating those African and Dominican palos in the music. Everything's very upbeat and rhythmic. It's important to me as an Afro-Latina to make this music, because coming to the United States, I never really had a space where I felt like I fit in. I didn't fit with the standard of what a Latina looks like in the United States. I also didn't fit in with the African-American kids because the culture was completely different."

This is a genuine eclectic gal fits the INYM Media Music portion of our brand to a t! Without further ado. Get into thee Pamé groove. Thee inescapable and hypnotizing "Fresh Water" featured right below!

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