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Allow Us To Introduce You To Stellar Phenom Rapper IDK & His Collabo With Fellow Artist Kaytranada For The Single “Taco!”

Allow us to introduce you to stellar phenom rapper IDK and his collabo with fellow artist Kaytranada for the single “Taco". tThe spicy new jam features the Maryland rapper unleashing his sophomore album, USEE4YOURSELF. Now IDK has unraveled his first new musique of this year of 2022. A monstrous groovy new jazz tune. 

Kaytranada helmed thee production chair of this hip-hop spectacle. Entitled “Taco,” this dazzling smasher comes accompanied with a black-and-white music video.

Referencing a bullet casing, “Taco.” IDK releases clever verses and catchy bars. Speaking about everything from street life to utilizing raw language. Kaytranada provides impeccable jazzy salt seasoning. Giving the track “Taco” an off-the-rails vibation. Full of up-tempo fun. 

Without further ado. Get into the IDK groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. The inescapable "Taco" featured right below!

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