Allow Us To Introduce To Illuminating/Transcendent Songbird, Lauri García & Her Linda Tune "Contigo"

Allow us to introduce to illuminating /transcendent songbird, Lauri García and her Linda tune "Contigo." Lauri hails from the beautiful skies of Guadalajara, state of Jalisco, Mexico. With this single she has transmitted a message of love accompanied with an exquisite, mesmerizing trumpet arrangement.

Thee ethereal tune comes accompanied with a music video filmed in Newport Beach, California. Directed by Sacramento Ceballos.

The singer-songwriter said the following about the amorous project: “This is a very special song for me, and what better than ‘Contigo'”, maintaining its style and musical essence, transmitting a message of love." 

The audiovisual has the face of the lead model playing the  love interest kept hidden. That's cause, as the singer says, “love has no face”. 

Its said that the day of filming, hilariously, the model had no clue that he had to cover his face, and when he was told him he was shocked but did excellent. 

Although, when he was going to drive the car, the production had to cut off the front of his bag so he could see and drive. 

So for us models who've been in the industry for decades now. Like minds know how much of a special plus the use of scissors were in this particular case. Lauri has said in reports that this year shall see more music being unleashed. 

Without further ado. Get into thee Lauri Garcia groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. Thee inescapable "Contigo" featured right below!

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