Allow Us To Introduce You To Delicious Creator, Alt-J & Their Sparkling Rock Jam “Hard Drive Gold”

Allow us to introduce you to delicious creator, Alt-J and his sparkling rock jam "Hard Drive Gold". Hailing from thee beautiful skies of city in the northern English county of Yorkshire. 

Thee phenomenal art-rockers are are unleashing a new album entitled, The Dream. Off their upcoming effort is thee shiver up your backbone single track. 

Not since their 2017 record Relaxer have the boys churned any new material. However this new one here is a spectacular tongue-in-cheek tune written about the cryptocurrency gold rush. 

Member Joe Newman said the following about the project: “It’s the story of the ultimate childhood fantasy, the schoolboy who becomes a millionaire overnight, and the different interactions he has with people in his life from teachers to neighbors. How ironically you interpret its message is entirely up to you…” 

 Thee accompanying music video is directed mister Newman himself. Making this his debut presentation. His partner Darcy Wallace also shared thee co-directors throne. 

Newman continued by saying, “Growing up enjoying cinema greatly I saw our music videos as opportune moments for directors to create stories purely and so we the band did not appear in our videos. By avoiding cuts to a band playing in an ‘airplane hanger’ the audience could focus on the cinema over the indie band music video tropes. I had ideas for videos that I passed on to directors to develop, watching these directors execute some of these ideas inspired me and now I want to understand and experience the process at a deeper level.” 

 Without further ado. Get into thee Alt-J groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. Thee inescapable “Hard Drive Gold” featured right below!

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