Allow Us To Introduce You To Ginchy-Groovy Artist Michael Bibi & His Stellar Smokin' Tune "Soul System"!

Allow us to introduce you to ginchy-groovy artist Michael Bibi and his stellar smokin' tune "Soul System"! 

Hailing from thee beautiful skies of England. Thee London based bombastic creator has manifested as a member of the Underground dance music scene. 

 The DJ and producer makes his magic in his South London studio curating sold sonics like his explosive tune "Soul System". An instant dance floor ready electric jam. 

According to Mister Bibi, " he is more than just your average musician. Laying Music, Making music & a love for the party scene, he will not let anyone or anything come between him and making sure that his unique stamp is on every piece of music released & party put on under the brands name." 

 Without further ado. Get into thee Michael Bibi groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. Thee inescapable up-tempo juggernaut new-classic rowdy dance gem "Soul System" featured right below!

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