All The Times ‘INYIM Media’ Predicted The Artists We’d Listen To For Years To Come. Today We Honor One Of The 2000s Greats To Ever Exist! A Torch Holder Artist Is What We Call An Underrated & Underappreciated Musician. In This Edition There's The One & Only TWEET.

Today we celebrate and honor one of the great "ItsNotYouItsMe Torch Holders" to ever exist in the musique industry! A torch holder artist is what we call an underrated and underappreciated musician. These stories shall tell the tale from those unremembered and those left behind achievements from pioneering creatives. All of which we hold dear to our artistic memories, present, and unforeseeable future! Here's the one and only Tweet.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Tweet‘s debut album ‘Southern Hummingbird’ an instant timeless classic. But why was it not as revered as Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, India Arie, Floetry, etc. Well like we always say. Every once in a rare great while a new music genre comes along that fulfills in its own particular niche. Every promised of the often harassed new medium. Such a songwriter, is genuine artist, deity miss Charlene Keys.

She is best known for her debut single ‘Oops…(Oh My).’ however thee entire LP is one of those complete bodies of work you can play from top to bottom without ever skipping and quitting.  Today, Tweet has spilled in new interviews that there were music videos shot back in the early 2000s, on of which is including our preferred nee-soul contemporary song from the era, Boogie 2Nite.

20 years later. Thee ground breaking songstress has delivered  previews of the visuals for never before seen ‘Boogie’ and ‘Cigaettes.’

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