Like A Musical Thief In The Night. Continuing Rising Latin Pop Kitten Nicki Nicole Has Officially Pulled Heartstrings W/ New Single "Otra Noche" Feat. Los Ángeles Azules!

Like a musical thief in the night. Continuing rising Latin pop kitten Nicki Nicole has officially stolen our hearts.  She was very recently featured alongside legendary vocal prodigious Christina Aguilera's single 'Pa Mis Muchachas' joined by Becky G and Nathy Peluso. 

She simultaneously unleashed her debut album spawning thee catchy super-duper delightful track "Baby". But it's her brand new sparkling tune the longtime recording group Los Angeles Azules. Entitled, "Otra Noche". 

It's that song that a Paulina Rubio, Grupo Limite, Thalia, or Selena could've would've reordered during their most triumphant career moments. An instant timeless classic. Full of bright rhythm and unforgettable melodies. 

Los Ángeles Azules in case you may not know are a Mexican musical group playing the cumbia sonidera genre a cumbia subgenre. They jazz out using the accordion and synthesizers. Add the cherry on top, Nicki Nicole. The result is a fusion of the sounds of cumbia ala thee 1950-1970s mashed potatoes into 1990s electronic stylings.

The Mexican group are celebrating 40 years in the music business. “Otra noche” was composed by fellow musician Rosario. But it's the charm, authenticity. Pouty tough badass vibration that Nicki Nicole exudes which really sends this fiery contagious number to higher heights. 

A new Mexican cumbia at it's finest. Sure were nearing the closing of 2021. But this is why we say never count out an artist. Whether its January or November. 

It's all the same cause when an artist delivers time and space freezes. Case in point. #OtraNoche, is quickly and easily one of our preferred Latin songs of the 2020s. Dig out the accompanying music video filmed in el Ciudad de México.

Without further ado. Press play right below!

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