Allow Us To Introduce You To Kooky Brilliant Bouncy Artists, Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains And Their Feel-Good Tune “Coucou” (YELLE Reworked) Version!

Allow us to introduce you to kooky brilliant bouncy artists Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains and Their Feel-Good “Coucou” (YELLE Reworked) version!

Thee original version of "Coucou" was released at the beginning of January. Off the album Banane Bleue. This brand new spanking version is brought to us by the effervescent and super kawaii cool fellow art-maker, Yelle! Frànçois & the Atlas Mountains have infused their rich sounding French-British pop group indie folk appeal.

The theme dives into emotional connections and the inevitable unfortunate misunderstandings of the world. Constructed with groovy bass lines and illuminating guitars. Complete with a catchy unforgtattble chorus. Simger Frànçois said the following about the lyrical thesis: "I hate this word 'Cuckoo. It expresses for me a kind of sweetish naivety, a little false. And becomes all the more absurd when it comes from someone we have loved madly ”.

Muscian Yelle kicked off this past summer of 2021 transforming "Cuckoo" adding her own magic touch! She collaborated with longstime creator GrandMarnier. Yelle shared in a statment: "" Cuckoo "was a monologue, we wanted, with GrandMarnier, to make a dialogue of it. A dialogue that gives the feeling of moving forward, of going straight to the point without losing the pace, like when you are 100% what you think. We are delighted to give our air to that of François, and his mountains, the impression of being on a bicycle, in the countryside. "

Without further ado. Get into thee Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. Thee inescapable French art-rock dance folk ditty “Coucou” (YELLE Reworked) featured right below!

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