Allow Us To Introduce You To Bangin' Music Blenders, Lime Garden, & Their Feverish Catchy Electronic Dancey "Pulp"!

Allow us to introduce you to bangin' music blenders, Lime Garden, and their feverish catchy electronic dancey "Pulp"! Hailing from thee beautiful skies of Brighton. These rising funk-rock pop experimenters have unleashed an impeccably frantic up-tempo ditty complete with a catchy chorus and memorable electronica beats.

This U.K. band provides aesthetics, in a form of a music video starring a man named Simon. Simon plays the protagonist as vocalist Chloe Howard shines through singing. The motif is all an attempt to get close to thee alluring Simon at any cost. Things however turn dark and Simon ends up tied to a chair and being terrorized by the four other artist-members of Lime Garden.

Lead Chloe Howard said the following about the tentative project: “The inspiration for 'Pulp' came from a slightly unnerving dream of a spooky man cloaked in orange pulp, tip-toeing and dancing through the streets at night," she said. "We built the track around this absurd idea, with our efforts based on trying to mix the sweet adrenaline of a dance-filled club night, with feelings of unease and danger. It's dark, yet upbeat and wonky, with wobbling bass and drums designed to capture the undulating streets he walks on. 'Pulp was one of the first songs we wrote using Logic, and as primarily a guitar band it changed the way we work together creatively to form new ideas."

Without further ado. Get into the Lime Garden groove. With INYIM Media latest indie disco juggernaut track. The inescapable "Pulp" featured right below!

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