Allow Us To Introduce You To Bombastic-Stellar Yummy Artist, Noga Erez, & Her Saucy Tune "Fire Kites"

Since her debut record "Off the Radar, bombastic-stellar artist Noga Erez has unleashed a yummy juggernaut of a tune! Thee inescapable pop ditty entitled "Fire Kites". Is a bold, in your face, up-tempo dance party anthem.

Thee Israeli singer, lyricist and producer has outdone herself intertwining hypnotic beats and euphoric pop catchy sonics. 

Noga spoke publicly about unleashing her 2nd  album saying: "I feel like when you release your first album, you release everything you've worked on your entire life until that point. But then the second album, we started writing it with the understanding that there are people expecting it. There will be someone listening to it."

Ori Rousso is her fellow artist/other half who helped mold the art sounds you hear spewing from your speakerphones. The heavily bass-induced track is a ragger starter from beginning to end.  Noga also explained specifically what ‘Fire Kites’ is about? 

"‘Fire Kites’ have been used in excess as a weapon since Trump declared Israel’s capital as Jerusalem, which is something that has been happening for a long time. It started major protests in Gaza and they became violent, setting off kites to the Israeli side causing a lot of damage. I came across this photography series called Gaza Girls by Monique Jacques that documented a group of girls eating, playing, being very, very, normal. It really helped me to see these girls as human beings and not numbers in the paper. I think that was what she was trying to do, and that got me thinking a lot about where I was at their age, exploring my sexuality and boys, a childhood that was completely normal. So that’s what this song is about. It basically talks about how unbalanced everything is about this conflict."

Without further ado. Get into thee Noga Erez groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. Thee inescapable juggernaut tune "Fire Kites", featured right below!


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